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Manual of Structural Kinesiology

Course Codes : ANAT120

Manual of Structural Kinesiology

ISBN 9781259870439
Edition 20
Publication Date
Publisher McGraw
Chapter 1: Foundations of Structural KinesiologyChapter 2: Neuromuscular FundamentalsChapter 3: Basic Biomechanical Factors and ConceptsChapter 4: The Shoulder GirdleChapter 5: The Shoulder JointChapter 6: The Elbow and Radioulnar JointsChapter 7: The Wrist and Hand JointsChapter 8: The Hip Joint and Pelvic GirdleChapter 9: The Knee JointChapter 10: The Ankle and Foot JointsChapter 11: The Trunk and Spinal ColumnChapter 12: Muscular Analysis of Selected Exercise and Related Concepts

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