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Marine Geochemistry

Marine Geochemistry

ISBN 9780198787501
Publication Date
Publisher Oxford University Press
Marine geochemistry is an essential tool for studying the ocean. It uses chemical elements and their isotopes to study how the ocean works in terms of ocean circulation, chemical composition, biological activity, atmospheric CO2 regulation. This rapidly growing field is a crossroad for many disciplines (physical, chemical and biological oceanography, geology, climatology, ecology, etc.), and provides important quantitative answers to questions such as: What is the deep ocean mixing rate? How much atmospheric CO2 is pumped by the ocean? How fast are pollutants removed from the ocean? How do ecosystems react to anthropogenic pressure? This text gives a simple introduction to the concepts, the methods and the applications of marine geochemistry with a particular emphasis on isotopic tracers. Overall introducing a very large number of topics (physical oceanography, ocean chemistry, isotopes, gas exchange, modelling, biogeochemical cycles) with a perfect balance of didactic and indepth information, it provides an outline and a complete course in marine geochemistry.

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