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Marine Pollution

Marine Pollution

ISBN 9780198792925
Edition 5
Publication Date
Publisher Oxford University Press
This market leading textbook in marine pollution, now in its fifth edition, gives a clear, balanced account of the materials that are discharged into the sea, what happens to them when they get there, the effect they have on the marine environment, and the threats they present to human health. It is designed as an introductory textbook for marine scientists, but no particular background knowledge is demanded of the reader; it can also be used by engineers, lawyers, economists, or environmentalists who need to be informed about the effects of materials which are deliberately or accidentally discharged into the sea. Many new diagrams, including eight new schemes that present complex processes in visual form so that they are easy to understand and remember International case histories and subject matter A large number of ‘up-dates' to reflect changes in the world and new discoveries since the last edition Contents: 1. What is pollution? Some questions Categories of additions Nature of inputs Sources of inputs Defining pollution Priorities Cost of pollution abatement Approaches to pollution control Restoring damaged environments 2. Measuring change Impact on the individual Population change Community response 3. Oxygen-demanding wastes Oxygen demand The dilution factor Oxygen budget Estuaries Enrichment and eutrophication Unexpected consequences of organic discharges Public health risks Sewage treatment Consequences of discharges to estuaries Consequences of discharges to sea Regulation 4. Oil pollution Inputs What is oil? Fate of spilled oil Treatment of oil at sea Beach cleaning Toxicity of petroleum hydrocarbons Environmental impact of oil pollution Impact of offshore operations Public health risk from oil pollution Commercial damage from oil pollution Contingency planning 5. Metals Conservative pollutants Input routes Uptake of metals Mercury Cadmium Copper Lead Tin Iron Some other metals 6. Halogenated hydrocarbons Low molecular weight compounds Pesticides and PCBs Inputs to the marine environment Fate in the sea Biological effects of halogenated hydrocarbons Environmental effects of halogenated hydrocarbons Threat to human health 7. Radioactivity Nature of radioactivity Units Inputs of radioactivity to the sea Environmental impact of radioactivity Hazard to human health 8. Dredgings, solids, plastics, and heat Dredging Industrial wastes Artificial reefs Litter and plastics Drift nets Munitions Heat 9. The state of some seas The North Sea The Baltic Sea The Mediterranean Sea The Caribbean The Caspian Sea Further reading Index

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