Marketing and Promoting Your Business: Products and Services

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Marketing and Promoting Your Business: Products and Services

ISBN : 9780734608147
Publisher : Tilde Publishing
Author(s) :
Edition : 2 Rev ed
Overview Effective marketing is essential for small business success. Marketing, simply defined, is 'giving people what they want profitably'. This means designing a business offer that satisfies your customers to make sales. Satisfied customers return and refer others to your business. Marketing and Promoting Your Business, Second Edition, describes the marketing process for a small business and how to prepare a marketing plan for your operation. A separate chapter covers evaluating marketing results, including getting customer feedback, and business responses to unsatisfactory results. Exercises are located throughout each chapter. End-of-chapter quizzes, discussion items and case studies are also included. Research assignments then help students learn more about the practical applications of marketing. A glossary of marketing terms and answers to the quick quizzes are found at the end of the book. After reading this book, you should be able to plan and implement marketing activities for your small business, create sales, and achieve a reasonable profit. You will also know how to analyse results and feedback to evaluate marketing success.

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