Marketing Research : Methodological Foundations

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Marketing Research : Methodological Foundations 9780030331015

ISBN : 9780030331015
Publisher : South-Western
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Edition : 8
Overview Part I. Marketing Research, the Research Process and Problem Definition. 1. Marketing Research: A Pervasive Activity. 2. Alternative Approaches to Marketing Intelligence. 3. The Research Process and Problem Formulation. Cases for Part 1. Part II. Determine Research Design. 4. Research Design. 5. Causal Designs. Cases for Part 2. Part III. Design Data-Collection Method and Forms. 6. Data Collection: Secondary Data. Appendix 6A: Secondary Data Sources. 7. Data Collection: Primary Data. 8. Data-Collection Forms. 9. Attitude Measurement. Appendix 9A: Psychological Measurement. Cases for Part 3. Part IV. Sample Design and Data Collection. 10. Sampling Procedures. 11. Sample Size. 12. Collecting the Data: Field Procedures and Nonsampling Errors. Cases for Part 4. Part V. Analysis and Interpretation of Data. 13. Data Analysis: Preliminary Steps. Appendix 13A: Chi-Square Tests. Appendix 13B: Avery Sporting Goods. 14. Data Analysis: Basic Questions. Appendix 14A: Hypothesis Testing. 15. Data Analysis: Examination of Differences. Appendix 15A: Analysis of Variance. Appendix 15B: Analysis of Catalog-Buying Data. 16. Data Analysis: Investigation of Association. Appendix 16A: Nonparametric Measures of Association. Appendix 16B: Analysis of Catalog-Buying Data. 17. Multivariate Data Analysis: Discriminant Analysis, Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis, and Multidimensional Scaling. Appendix 17A: More Multivariate Statistical Techniques. Appendix 17B: Analysis of Catalog-Buying Data. Cases for Part 5. Part VI. The Research Report. 18. The Research Report.

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