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ISBN 9781260084924
Edition 3
Publication Date
Publisher Mcgraw Hill
       Students at the Intermediate level enter with varying degrees of background knowledge. Despite this variation in experience and students’ rate of progress, faculty and programs have an expectation that all students achieve communicative benchmarks/goals at the end of the Intermediate course or sequence. MÁS, third edition, provides numerous tools to address these concerns, namely:LearnSmart: McGraw-Hill Education’s adaptive learning tool has been proven to significantly enhance students’ learning and improve course outcomes.Well-scaffolded communicative activities: Scaffolding within individual activities and activity sequences throughout the program supports all students in filling in knowledge gaps and making progress from input to output.  Task-based activities: Faculty and students report that the cultural and contextual-based activities integrated throughout MÁS provide students with real-world applicable language skills that engage students and prepare them for Spanish use outside a classroom setting.


     Programs have increasing difficulty recruiting and retaining students at the intermediate level due to an overall decline in college enrollments and in some cases the lowering or elimination of language requirements. These trends result in departments having to market their language courses to entice students and maintain enrollments. MÁS, third edition, helps faculty with this issue by providing the following.     An integrative cultural approach: Faculty and students describe MÁS as presenting language through a cultural lens. This integrated approach motivates and appeals to students as they navigate engaging cultural and historical contexts while they strengthen their language skills. Additionally, many faculty reports that MÁS presents interesting chapter themes that catch students' attention.     A focus on real-world language: Throughout MÁS, language is consistently demonstrated as used by native speakers. The extensive selections of written and aural input include readings, videos, cartoons, graphs, quotes, and popular sayings from the Spanish-speaking world, serving to ground students in the authentic language experience. Additionally, the learning activities encourage students to produce real-world language that has applicability far beyond the classroom environment.      Engaging media: Throughout MÁS, students experience the types of video and film content that represent the variety of media they interact with in their free time. Careful attention has been paid to selecting video resources that are engaging to students and that serve as a springboard to additional conversation and writing practice for students.


     Course setup and administration can be tedious and take time away from personalized interactions with students. MÁS eases this burden, freeing up instructors to spend more time on the activities that matter most to them and their students by offering resources such as the following.     Downloadable eBook and mobile eBook experience: Students and instructors can download the MÁS eBook and access all the associated audio and video files on the go, ensuring that learners have the materials they need at their fingertips always.     Connect’s copy/share functionality and easy course duplication makes it simple to set up a course once and deploy it across multiple instructors, TAs, and adjunct faculty.     LearnSmart reports available in Connect allow instructors to see at a glance the topics and learning objectives that are most challenging to an individual student or an entire group of students, enabling instructors to adjust lesson plans and assignments quickly according to what a particular student or group of students needs to succeed.     Connect reports help faculty understand student behavior and trouble spots and facilitate rolling up students’ performance against department- or college-level learning objectives.     Instructor resources such as:     In-text annotations (available via our eBook, too!) that facilitate class preparation and refer instructors to additional practice available elsewhere in the program (in the Workbook/Lab Manual, on Connect, etc.) for an easy-to-use way to know what else to assign and when.      A full testing program available for print (in-class) or digital (online) administration.     Sample syllabi and lesson plans to assist in your course planning.

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