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Mathematics for Technicians

Mathematics for Technicians

ISBN 9780074711576
Edition 5 Revised edition
Publisher McGraw Hill Higher Education
"Mathematics for Technicians" provides a thorough grounding in the basic mathematics required for engineering courses. Catering to the new Engineering Maths Training Package, the fifth edition of "Mathematics for Technicians" covers the learning outcomes for Maths A and Maths B and is suited to class teaching and self-paced learning. The text combines clear theoretical explanations with practical examples and follows-through with exercise banks for each section. To make revision easy, additional self-test exercises are included at the end of each chapter. New to the fifth edition - "Mathematics for Technicians" comes packaged with a free CD. The CD contains extra exercises and additional theory to further clarify the more complex concepts. An icon is used throughout the text to link to CD content, and answers to all the exercises and self-test problems are also included with the CD.

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