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Measuring Poverty and Wellbeing in Developing Countries

Measuring Poverty and Wellbeing in Developing Countries

ISBN 9780198744818
Publication Date
Publisher Oxford University Press
This is an open access title available under the terms of a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 IGO licence. It is free to read at Oxford Scholarship Online and offered as a free PDF download from OUP and selected open access locations. This book is the first of its kind in this area. It targets students, academics, practitioners, and staff from government agencies, including statistical services and research institutes, who are interested in poverty analysis in the developing world as well as decision makers, who want to come to grips with how poverty is estimated in practice. Citizens of developing countries have a direct interest in robust estimation of trends in poverty and wellbeing, an issue which is often at the core of intense public debate. Through the provision of rigorously documented, carefully explained, and flexible analytical code streams, the book seeks to enhance the transparency, replicability, and comparability of existing practice. In so doing, it also aims to significantly lower the barriers to entry to the conduct of rigorous poverty measurement and increase the participation of analysts from developing countries in their own assessments of poverty and wellbeing.

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