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Mediamaking: Mass Media in a Popular Culture

Mediamaking: Mass Media in a Popular Culture

ISBN 9780761925446
Edition 2 Rev ed
Publication Date
Publisher SAGE Publications Inc
Taking a unique approach to the study of mass communication and cultural studies, MediaMaking is a volume that presents the current knowledge about the relationship between media, culture, and society. What sets this volume apart from competing texts is the approach taken and the distinguished scholarship. Rather than examining each major medium separately (newspapers, books, magazines, radio, television, film), the authors contend that mass communication cannot be studied apart from the other institutions in society and the other dimensions of social life-each is shaping and defining the other. They hold that media can only be understood in relation to their context-institutional, economic, social, cultural, and historical. As such, this book explores the variety of ways in which the media are involved in our social lives. The authors explore the different relationships between the media and the systems of social value and social differences that organize power in contemporary society. They examine how the media are reproduced and consumed and what they produce in turn. Theoretically and analytically organized with sections on media's relation to behavior, politics, media effects, the public, globalization, organizations, meaning , and ideology, this text offers students a more comprehensive understanding of the nature of media communication processes-an absolutely necessary part of understanding contemporary life.

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