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Medical Biochemistry

Medical Biochemistry

ISBN 9780723430124
Publisher David & Charles
This brand new textbook presents human biochemistry in a physiological, rather than a chemical perspective, so it provides medical students with a clinically relevant text of biochemistry. The essential basic science is presented emphasising organ biochemistry covering metabolic integration, specialised functions of tissues and communications among organ systems. In addition, attention is paid to clinical relevance - boxed clinical examples throughout the text take the science into a practical contest. Techniques from clinical chemistry used for the assessment of metabolic and genetic disorders are covered. This approach is one valuable to students beyond their preclinical years, unlike traditional texts, which are rarely referred to when students reach the medical wards. Features: * Specifically for medical students Medical Biochemistry develops the foundation skills necessary to apply knowledge efficiently and analytically in a clinical setting in later years * Unique self-assessment tools ensure students learn and retain what's important - including multiple choice questions, patient oriented problems and short answer questions * Attractive layout in 4 colour with clinically relevant structure helps students remember key information * Irrelevant details have been minimised, such as the molecular weight of enzymes, the thermodynamics parameters of a reaction and the numerous intermediates in some metabolic pathways * Advanced Concepts boxes elaborate on new developments or illustrate practical applications of the core material * Real life clinical examples and case studies frequently illustrate essential concepts separate from the text so they are easy to locate and refer to * Differentiation between clinical descriptions that illustrate important concepts in metabolism, but with a rare disorder and those that illustrate clinical situation physicians deal with everyday * Consistent icons and colour-coded molecules explained at the onset and used consistently throughout * Provides normal biochemical processes but also shows what happens in a disease state in different areas of the body, for example diabetes

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