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Medsurg Notes: Nurse's Clinical Pocket Guide

Medsurg Notes: Nurse's Clinical Pocket Guide

ISBN 9780803626850
Edition 3 Rev ed
Publication Date
Publisher F.A. Davis Company
From setting up an oxygen delivery system in a hospital room to administering stat meds, this handy, pocket-sized resource helps you to deliver high-quality care. You'll have on-the-spot guidance you need to care for patients with complex medical-surgical conditions - from focused assessments, immediate interventions, and follow-up care for patients who develop complications - all presented from the nurse's point of view. This title provides coverage of more need-to-know information, including critical nursing interventions related to medication administration, and new assessment guidelines for post-operative patients. It includes content and procedures. It covers: Basic Hemodynamics - Cardiac output, Stroke volume, Preload, Contractility, Afterload, Mean arterial pressure, Pulse pressure; Chest Tubes - Indications, Sites, Types of drainage systems, Managing Chest Tubes, Finding an Air Leak, Care of the Drainage Unit, and Care of the Patient; ABG Interpretation; Nosocomial Infections; Detecting an Impending Emergency; Assessing Blood Work; Assessing Urine and Stool Samples; CPR Quick Reference for the Lone Rescuer; Post-operative assessment guidelines and common post-op complications; STAT design feature to draw attention to the most critical information; and, revised & updated! Medication tab featuring new medications and new nursing considerations. This title provides a framework for thinking in urgent situations and how to report an urgent problem. It covers advanced nursing procedures and concepts associated with 66 urgent clinical situations. It uses a systems approach, organized by symptom and medical diagnosis. It includes an A&P snapshot of the associated system in each section - 9 in all. It also provides a focused assessment tool for each body system and each clinical problem. It reviews IV therapy, including indications for crystalloids, colloids, or blood products administration. It also uses HIPAA/OSHA compliant write-on pages that wipe clean with alcohol.

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