Metal Forming: Fundamentals and Applications

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Metal Forming: Fundamentals and Applications 9780871701671

ISBN : 9780871701671
Publisher : ASM International
Author(s) :
Overview Briefly reviews the basic principles of metal forming but major emphasis is on the latest developments in the design of metal-forming operations and tooling. Discusses the position of metal forming in manufacturing and considers a metal-forming process as a system consisting of several interacting variables. Includes an overall review and classification of all metal-forming processes. The fundamentals of plastic deformation - metal flow, flow stress of metals and yield criteria - are discussed, as are significant practical variables of metal- forming processes such as friction, temperatures and forming machines and their characteristics. Examines approximate methods of analyzing simple forming operations, then looks at massive forming processes such as closed-die forging, hot extrusion, cold forging/ extrusion, rolling and drawing (discussion includes the prediction of stresses and load in each process and applications of computer-aided techniques). Recent developments in metal-forming technology, including CAD/CAM for die design and manufacture, are discussed, and a review of the latest trends in metal flow analysis and simulations.


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