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Microbiology for the Healthcare Professional

Microbiology for the Healthcare Professional

ISBN 9780323320931
Edition 2
Publication Date
Publisher Elsevier Health Sciences

Easily understood by students without any chemistry or biology background, Microbiology for the Healthcare Professional, 2nd Edition offers an excellent foundation for understanding the spread, treatment, and prevention of infectious disease — critical knowledge for today’s healthcare professional. This straightforward introductory text makes microbiology approachable and easy to learn, presenting just the right level of information and detail to help you comprehend future course material and apply concepts to your new career.

Focuses on just the necessary information the introductory microbiology student needs to know, saving time and allowing you to focus on what is most important. UNIQUE! Why You Need to Know boxes put material in perspective, helping you to understand the history, impact and future of the topics under discussion.UNIQUE! Life Application boxes provide fun facts on how chapter topics apply to real world situations and events.UNIQUE! Medical Highlights boxes share anecdotal information about various pathological conditions.UNIQUE! Healthcare Application tables focus on pathogens as they relate to topics discussed in the chapter.Chapter outlines and key terms provide a framework for every chapter, enabling more efficient and effective learning.Learning objectives clarify chapter goals and guide you through content that needs to be mastered. Twenty review questions at the end of each chapter test you retention and help you identify areas requiring further study.UPDATED! Additional micrographs and cellular photos from author’s collection help engage you. NEW! Appendix on key human bacterial pathogens arranged by body system with text page references provides a quick reference to diseases, organisms, and their characteristics.

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