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Microeconomics and Behavior

Microeconomics and Behavior

ISBN 9781259394034
Edition 10
Publication Date
Publisher Mcgraw-Hill

Part 1: Introduction

1. Thinking Like an Economist 2. Supply and Demand Appendix: How Do Taxes Affect Equilibrium Prices and Quantities?

Part 2: The Theory of Consumer Behavior

3. Rational Consumer Choice Appendix: The Utility Function Approach to the Consumer Budgeting Problem 4. Individual and Market Demand Appendix: Additional Topics in Demand Theory 5. Applications of Rational Choice and Demand Theories 6. The Economics of Information and Choice Under Uncertainty Appendix: Search Theory and the Winner’s Curse 7. Departures from Standard Rational Choice Models (with and without Regret)

Part 3: The Theory of the Firm and Market Structure

8. Production Appendix: Mathematical Extensions of Production Theory 9. Costs Appendix: Mathematical Extensions of the Theory of Costs 10. Perfect Competition 11. Monopoly 12. A Game-Theoretic Approach to Strategic Behavior 13. Oligopoly and Monopolistic Competition

Part 4: Factor Markets

14. Labor Appendix: The Economics of Workplace Safety 15. Capital Appendix: A More Detailed Look at Exhaustible Resource Allocation

Part 5: General Equilibrium and Welfare

16. Externalities, Property Rights, and the Coase Theorem 17. General Equilibrium and Market Efficiency 18. Government Web Chapter: Explaining Tastes: The Importance of Altruism and Other Nonegoistic Behavior

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