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Molecular Biology of RNA

Molecular Biology of RNA

ISBN 9780199671397
Edition 2
Publication Date
Publisher Oxford University Press
RNA plays a central, and until recently, somewhat underestimated role in the genetics underlying all forms of life on earth. This versatile molecule not only plays a crucial part in the synthesis of proteins from a DNA template, but is also intrinsically involved in the regulation of gene expression, and in catalysis.This landmark text provides a systematic overview of the exciting and rapidly moving field of RNA biology. For the second edition of Molecular Biology of RNA more introductory material has been incorporated at the beginning of the text, while new material has been included throughout - particularly in relation to RNA binding domains, non-coding RNAs, and the connection between RNA biology and epigenetics. Finally, a new closing chapter discusses how exciting new technologies are being used to explore current topical areas of research.

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