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Multicultural Social Work Practice

Course Codes : WEL218

Multicultural Social Work Practice

ISBN 9780471662525
Edition 1st edition
Publication Date
Publisher John Wiley & Sons Inc
This is the groundbreaking new text for culturally competent social work practice. In "Multicultural Social Work Practice", author Derald Wing Sue, one of the most prominent and respected pioneers in diversity research and practice, explores and synthesizes the important theoretical, political, and philosophical concepts related to cultural competence in the field of social work. This comprehensive yet practical text offers students definitive guidance on culturally sensitive social work practice.This important new work challenges the reader to consider the different worldviews of a highly diversified population, and achieve cultural competence through increased awareness, knowledge, and skills. It provides specific definitions of multiculturalism, cultural competence, and multicultural social work that clearly guide discussion, analysis, and debate. It also highlights the sociopolitical and social justice aspects of effective practice, and closely examines how social work theories, concepts, and practices are often rooted in and reflective of the values of the dominant society." Multicultural Social Work Practice" features sections on: conceptual dimensions of multicultural social work practice; the political dimensions of social work practice Racial/cultural identity development - social work implication; the practice dimensions of multicultural social work; systemic and ecological perspectives of multicultural social work; and, profiles in culturally competent care for diverse populations. In addition to the aforementioned coverage, this innovative text features unique chapters on barriers to effective practice, cultural styles in intervention strategies, and indigenous healing strategies. It also employs generous clinical and real-life examples to illustrate important concepts. A lively, provocative guidebook that challenges traditional social work practice, and featuring a foreword by Monica McGoldrick, "Multicultural Social Work Practice" is a benchmark text for students of social work, professional social workers, and others in the helping professions.

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