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Murray River Country: An Ecological Dialogue with Traditional Owners

Course Codes : ENVG340

Murray River Country: An Ecological Dialogue with Traditional Owners

ISBN 9780855756789
Publication Date
Publisher Aboriginal Studies Press
Murray River Country discusses the water crisis from a unique perspective - the intimate stories of love and loss from the perspectives of Aboriginal people who know the inland rivers as their traditional country. These experiences bring a fresh narrative to contemporary water debates about living in the Murray-Darling Basin, and how we should look to more sustainable ways to live in Australia, as our approach to water is changing in the face of water scarcity, drought, climate change, and water mismanagement. This book brings new insights to these issues by focusing our attention on what Indigenous people from along the Murray are experiencing, saying, and doing. Weir wants to move readers beyond questions of how much water will be 'returned' to the rivers, to understand that our economy, and our lives, are dependent on river health. She uses different knowledge traditions to reveal unacknowledged assumptions that trap our thinking and disable us from acting.

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