National Socialist Rule in Germany: Fuhrer State, 1933-45

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National Socialist Rule in Germany: Fuhrer State, 1933-45 9780631185079

ISBN : 9780631185079
Publisher : Blackwell Publishers
Author(s) :
Overview Norbert Frei's history of Nazi rule in Germany is an introduction to events from the appointment of Hitler as Reich chancellor in 1933 to the end of the Second World War. The book outlines the development of Nazi rule in three phases. Beginning with an analysis of the regimentation of German society, which is shown to be based on terror and violence, Norbert Frei goes on to discuss the period of consolidation in which the "Fuehrer myth", aided by economic and foreign policy success, found acceptance in German minds. Finally, he looks at the war and increasing radicalization, which resulted in the Holocaust and the monstrous projects of social and racial purification of German society undertaken in the name of modernization. Norbert Frei's history demonstrates that the path to catastrophe was not an inevitable consequence of the "Fuehrer State" and that there were possible turning points. Combining "classic" political history with the findings of new research into the history of everyday life and including original documents, the book should be essential reading for students of modern history. The book includes detailed chronologies and reading lists. A new chapter on the Holocaust has been written for the English edition. Revealing original documents, such as letters from Hess and Himmler, are included. It should be of interest to undergraduates and postgraduates studying modern history and German studies.

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