Negotiating the Pacific Century: The New Asia, the United States and Australia

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Negotiating the Pacific Century: The New Asia, the United States and Australia 9781864480672

ISBN : 9781864480672
Publisher : Allen & Unwin
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Overview Australia's external relations are being changed dramatically by the emergence of the 'New Asia'.This book seeks to identify and explore the nature and implications of the transformation of Asia for one set of relationships, those with the United States of America. Despite an outpouring of works on Asia, the Pacific Rim, the Pacific Century and the New World (dis)Order, the implications of regional changes for Australia's interactions with the Us have been neglected by scholars and commentators alike.Negotiating The Pacific Century* provides an informed overview of issues central to the place of Australia and the US in the international economy, and the changing roles of these states in regional security and political affairs* emphasizes the constrained and contradictory consequences for Australia and America of their uneven integration into the dynamic realignments - economic, political, cultural - which characterize the region and* locates the changing aspirations and policies of both nations within the wider contours of regional and global changes.Australia's anxious quest for a more integrated role in the new Asia is complicated in virtually every field by the nature and legacies of its deep and significant linkages to American power and American culture. Thus this book examines the various ways by which Australia negotiates with the US as both nations seek new roles and new opportunities in the rapidly modernizing Asian-Pacific region.Roger Bell * David Goodman * Andrew MacIntyre * Purnendra C Jain * John McKay * Marika Vicziany * Richard Woolcott * John Ravenhill * Alan Tidwell * Andrew Heys * Stephen Cambone * John Ingleson * Harry Harding * Tim McDonald

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