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The New Rural Health

The New Rural Health

ISBN 9780195513301
Publisher Addison-Wesley Pub
The health of rural Australians has become an issue of national importance in recent years, with the recognition that many rural communities tend to suffer poorer health status and have considerably less access to health services than their counterparts located in capital cities and major metropolitan areas. The New Rural Health is the first authoritative text on this subject and provides a significant contribution to the debate surrounding the determinants of health and what is necessary for improving the health status of, and access to health services for, rural and remote Australians. Taking a population health and multidisciplinary approach to rural health and rural health care practice, this book avoids a clinical focus. Rather, it concentrates on the process of rural halth. Including contributions from prominent and experienced authors - representing a range of disciplines and settings - the book is divided into four sections: Section 1: Rural Society, Health and Health Services Section 2: Major Health Challenges Section 3: Rural Professional Practice Section 4: The Future of Rural Health: Levers and Strategies for Change The New Rural Health will be invaluable for undergraduate and postgraduate health science students, as well as policy makers and established rural health workers.

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