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Nonlinear Systems

Nonlinear Systems

ISBN 9780130673893
Edition 3 ed
Publication Date
Publisher Prentice-Hall
For a first-year graduate-level course on nonlinear systems. It may also be used for self-study or reference by engineers and applied mathematicians. The text is written is such a way that the level of mathematical sophistication builds up from chapter to chapter. It has been reorganized into four parts: Basic analysis, Analysis of feedback systems, Advanced analysis, and Nonlinear feedback control. *NEW - Updated to include subjects which have proven useful in nonlinear control design in recent years - New in the 3rd edition are: expanded treatment of passivity and passivity-based control; integral control, high-gain feedback, recursive methods, optimal stabilizing control, control Lyapunov functions, and observers. Moreover, bifurcation is introduced in the context of second-order systems. *NEW - New section added in Chapter 1 - Provides an overview of the book and explains connections between the various analysis and control tools covered in the book. *NEW - The proof of the existence and uniqueness theorem has been moved to an appendix. Prevents students from dealing with the contraction mapping principle in such an early chapter. *NEW - Web page (www.prenhall.com/khalil) - Contains information about the book, detailed description of changes from previous editions, hints on how to organize courses around the textbook, corrections, additional exercises with or without solutions. *Self-contained chapters - Starting from Chapter 5, all the chapters are written to be self-contained or to use limited information from previous chapters, allows for greater flexibility.

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