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Novel Nanoscale Hybrid Materials

Novel Nanoscale Hybrid Materials

ISBN 9781119156260
Edition 1
Publication Date
Publisher Wiley

A comprehensive and interdisciplinary resource filled with strategic insights, tools, and techniques for the design and construction of hybrid materials.

Hybrid materials represent the best of material properties being combined for the development for materials with properties otherwise unavailable for application requirements. Novel Nanoscale Hybrid Materials is a comprehensive resource that contains contributions from a wide range of noted scientists from various fields, working on the hybridization of nanomolecules in order to generate new materials with superior properties. The book focuses on the new directions and developments in design and application of new materials, incorporating organic/inorganic polymers, biopolymers, and nanoarchitecture approaches. 

This book delves deeply into the complexities that arise when characteristics of a molecule change on the nanoscale, overriding the properties of the individual nanomolecules and generating new properties and capabilities altogether. The main topics cover hybrids of carbon nanotubes and metal nanoparticles, semiconductor polymer/biopolymer hybrids, metal biopolymer hybrids, bioorganic/inorganic hybrids, and much more.

This important resource:

Addresses a cutting-edge field within nanomaterials by presenting groundbreaking topics that address hybrid nanostructures Includes contributions from an interdisciplinary group of chemists, physicists, materials scientists, chemical and biomedical engineers Contains applications in a wide-range of fields—including biomedicine, energy, catalysis, green chemistry, graphene chemistry, and environmental science Offers expert commentaries that explore potential future avenues of future research trends

Novel Nanoscale Hybrid Materials is an important resource for chemists, physicists, materials, chemical and biomedical engineers that offers the most recent developments and techniques in hybrid nanostructures.