Objects of the Dead

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Objects of the Dead 9780522855579

Course Codes : SGY352
ISBN : 9780522855579
Publisher : Melbourne University Press
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Overview What is the fate of objects after a death-a daughter's hairbrush, a father's favourite chair, an aunt's earrings, a husband's clothes? Why do some things stay and some go from our lives and memories? Objects of the Dead examines a poignant and universal experience-the death of a loved one and the often uneasy process of living with, and discarding, the objects that are left behind. How and when family property is sorted through after a death is often fraught with difficulties, regrets and disagreements. Through personal stories, literature, film and memoir Margaret Gibson reveals the power of things to bind and undo relationships. This is a remarkable reflection on grieving-of both saying goodbye and living with death.

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