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Organic Agricultural Practices

Organic Agricultural Practices

ISBN 9781498706209
Edition 1
Publication Date
Publisher Apple Academic Press

This title includes a number of Open Access chapters.

Organic practices are quickly redefining how agriculture is done around the world, as we come to realize how detrimental conventional agriculture is to local and global environments and economies. This book serves as an overview of some of the important topics in organic agriculture. The volume is broken into several sections which explore the effects of organic practices on crop productivity, the use of biofertilizers, plant cultivars, and compare the environmental impact with conventional agriculture. Also covered are the following topics:

•Organic agriculture as a strategy to combat many of the negative effects of conventional agriculture, such as pollution and loss of soil fertility

•How practices, such as the use of biofertilizers, can enhance plant growth over the use of chemical fertilizers

•Vermicompost and the high potential to benefit land in agricultural use

•Organic practices’ associations with increased soil fertility, increased biodiversity, and greenhouse gas sequestration

•The negative effects of organic agriculture practices, such as an increase in nitrogen pollution or pests

This easily accessible reference volume offers a comprehensive guide to this rapidly expanding field. Edited by an experienced writer with experience in both food systems and agricultural sociology, Organic Agricultural Practices: Alternatives to Conventional Agricultural Systems is an authoritative and easy-to-use reference, ideal for both researchers in the field and students who wish to gain an overview to this important field of study.


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