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Organic Psychiatry: The Psychological Consequences of Cerebral Disorder

Organic Psychiatry: The Psychological Consequences of Cerebral Disorder

ISBN 9780865428201
Edition 3 Revised edition
Publisher Bethany House Publishers
This classic single-author text has been extensively revised and updated. As in previous editions it provides a comprehensive review of cognitive, emotional and behavioural consequences of cerebral disorder and their manifestations in clinical practice. In addition to standard neuropsychiatric conditions the subject matter encompasses endocrine, metabolic and toxic disorders with respect to their impact on brain function. Sizeable new sections have been added to take account of recent theoretical and clinical developments, particularly in the chapters dealing with the dementias and toxic disorders, and in relation to the expanding range of rarer neurodegenerative disorders. The problems of HIV infection receive extensive coverage, also the accumulating evidence pointing towards a neuropsychiatric basis for schizophrenia. Advances in brain imaging are dealt with in detail, also salient discoveries in the fields of molecular biology and molecular genetics. In the course of the revision almost as many new references have been added as remain from the previous editions.

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