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Osborn's Concise Law Dictionary:E12

Course Codes : TABL3010, TABL3023

Osborn's Concise Law Dictionary:E12

ISBN 9780414023208
Edition 12 Rev ed
Publication Date
Publisher Thomson Reuters
First published in 1927, Osborn’s is the classic, concise dictionary of legal terms. Renowned for its comprehensive coverage including an extensive listing of journals, law reports and their abbreviations, it offers speedy access to a mass of technical terms and phrases in both English and European law. Extensive legal referencing takes all entries beyond definitions and basic context to provide a solid basis for further research.   The twelfth edition of Osborn’s Concise Law Dictionary has been extensively updated by a team of contributors from Northumbria University. They have retained the distinctive features of previous editions whilst drawing on their expertise in many diverse areas of law to explain often complex legal vocabulary in a way that is informative and easy to understand.   Osborn’s Concise Law Dictionary is an essential reference for anyone studying law, as well as those in legal practice. It is of considerable use to accountants and anyone working in commerce or industry.  For over 80 years Osborn’s has been the essential concise dictionary of legal terms for both students and practitioners, giving it an unparalleled status Contains over 4,700 references from the obscure to the everyday ensuring it contains everything needed for the study of law Offers comprehensive coverage including an extensive listing of journals, law reports and their abbreviations - readers do not need to look anywhere else Extensive legal referencing to provides a solid basis for further research Explains often complex legal vocabulary to enable easy understanding of complex terms  

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