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Course Codes : BEHL1004


ISBN 9781760421137
Edition 2
Publication Date
Publisher Mc GrawHill

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Psychology: Science of Mind and Behaviour studies behaviour from multiple vantage points that emphasise biological, psychological and environmental and social determinants, with an underlying commonality to how any topic can be examined.

What makes Passer & Smith an essential contemporary resource for students of psychology?Expert Australian authors writing in their specialist areas with new content on key areas of Australian mental health including indigenous health.A wealth of pedagogy to help students develop critical thinking and application skills and master the core concepts of psychology.

Grab the latest edition of Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour and students will find:

Fully redesigned with new examples, research and statistics throughout to give you the latest developments and research.Learning Objectives have been added to each chapter to help pinpoint what the student will learn from each section in the chapter. Review Questions are aligned to each Learning Objective which are designed to test the student’s critical thinking and application skills thus helping increase knowledge retention and performance.Study made easy: concept checks at the end of each major section also assist students in retaining the information they’ve just learned by providing concise bullet point summaries of key content.Updated Australian Focus features, including: The use and misuse of research (ch 2), The evolutionary history of Indigenous Australians? (ch 3), Mistaken identity in Sydney (ch 8), Problem solving in real life (ch 9), Aboriginal expressions of emotion (ch 11), Forming an ethnic identity in multicultural Australia (ch 12), Personality, Culture, and the Stolen Generations (ch 13), The typical life experience of an Australian Aboriginal (ch 14), Immigration to Australia (ch 17)
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