Paramedic Care: Principles and Practices: v. 2: Patient Assessment

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Paramedic Care: Principles and Practices: v. 2: Patient Assessment 9780130215970

ISBN : 9780130215970
Publisher : Pearson
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Edition : 1 Rev ed
Overview Paramedic Care: Principles & Practice is the first text program to take the student beyond the skills necessary to practice as a paramedic and into the underlying principles upon which those practices are based. Correlated to the U.S. Department of Transportation's 1998 National Standard Curriculum for EMT--Paramedic, this series of textbooks provides all the background content and skills coverage required for paramedic education. The series, comprised of five books, covers all eight modules of the new curriculum: Volume 1: Introduction to Advanced Prehospital Care (includes Airway Management) Volume 2: Patient Assessment Volume 3: Medical Emergencies Volume 4: Trauma Emergencies Volume 5: Special Considerations / Operations (includes Assessment-Based Management) Dr. Bryan E. Bledsoe, lead author of the classic pre-'98 curriculum text Paramedic Emergency Care, along with co-authors Robert Porter and Richard Cherry, has woven together contributions from field experts to provide detailed, yet student-friendly texts that will set the standard for paramedic education for years to come. In developing this series to meet the new curriculum, the goals were threefold: * Comprehensive coverage. The program includes all materials required for the new U.S. DOT curriculum and, where appropriate, expanded information. * Accuracy. The material reflects the best and latest in scientific and medical practice, written and reviewed by experts. * Appropriate level. Concepts and terminology are clearly explained. Beginning at the level of the new student and progressing through the development of new and advanced concepts, this series will provide the student with a broad background of knowledge and a firm grasp of how to apply it to paramedic emergency care.

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