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Paramedic Principles and Practice ANZ - E-Book

Paramedic Principles and Practice ANZ - E-Book

ISBN 9780729583657
Publication Date
Publisher Elsevier Health Sciences

Paramedic Principles and Practice ANZ: A clinical reasoning approach explores the principles of clinical practice for paramedics working in Australia and New Zealand today. The text is an invaluable resource for both students and paramedics working in the emergency environment where critical decisions must be made quickly and confidently.

Organised into three sections - Paramedic Principles, Paramedic Practice and Essential Knowledge — this resource promotes an understanding of basic physiology, clinical decision making and application to practice. It emphasises the importance of professional attitudes and behaviours, clinical competence, teamwork and communication skills, equipping the reader with the skills required to become an effective paramedic.

● First paramedic-specific text for Australia and New Zealand● Evidence-based clinical decision-making model● A wealth of detailed case studies that help bridge the gap from principles to practice● More than 40 essential pathologies covering common paramedic call-outs● Focus on the wellbeing of the patient and the paramedic● Appendices comprising a professional role guide and medications commonly encountered in the paramedic setting

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