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Pearson Mathematics New South Wales  8 eBook 3.0 (Access Card)

Pearson Mathematics New South Wales 8 eBook 3.0 (Access Card)

ISBN 9781486090587
Edition 1
Publication Date
Publisher Ubd
This product has been discontinued.
When you purchase this product, you will receive a printed card with an access code inside. With this code, you will be able to activate and gain individual access to your Pearson eBook 3.0 via pearsonplaces.com.au.

Pearson eBook 3.0

Access to Pearson eBook 3.0 for New South Wales is designed to last you for the school year, or if you teach in a staged approach, for two years. From the point of activation, you will have access to the product for 27 months to ensure you can get maximum usage of it over the two years and beyond.

Pearson eBook 3.0 provides you with the student book digitally online, or offline, for any device. It looks like the pages of the book, so you can easily direct students to page references without wasting time. And you can access it anywhere as you don't need an internet connection, once you download it. When you are online, it's linked with loads of interactive activities designed specifically to engage students and enhance learning.

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