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Pediatric Neuroimaging

Pediatric Neuroimaging

ISBN 9781496337207
Edition 6
Publication Date
Publisher Lippincott
This newest addition of the comprehensive Pediatric Neuroimaging combines thousands of images with detailed textual descriptions to help you diagnose a wide range of brain, spinal, and head and neck disorders in the pediatric patient. The authors have chosen a clear, concise writing style that encourages you to grasp information quickly. By dealing with a broad range of disorders, from everyday problems to less common ones, and explaining how to recognize and differentiate them, this book offers you the opportunity to provide a concise differential diagnosis on most patients you are likely to encounter in your practice. - Packed with more than 2,500 high-quality illustrations, drawings, photographs, and figures. - Emphasizes CT and MRI imagery-widely regarded as the optimal modalities for assessing and diagnosing children. - Most chapters organized by disease group, and describe the pathologic bases of each disorder to illustrate important clinical contexts. - Broadly discusses common imaging techniques in children, as well as images of normal childhood development in the brain, skull, and spine. - Prominently displayed lists of disorders help quickly identify a disorder within the text. Enrich Your eBook Reading Experience with Enhanced Video, Audio and Interactive Capabilities! - Read directly on your preferred device(s), such as computer, tablet, or smartphone - Customize for your language, including right-to-left reading, vertical writing, and enhanced annotation in over 30 languages - Easily convert to audiobook, powering your content with natural language text-to-speech - Adapt for unique reading needs, supporting learning disabilities, visual/auditory impairments, second-language or literacy challenges, and more

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