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Pediatric Nursing Procedures

Pediatric Nursing Procedures

ISBN 9781451192360
Edition 4 ed
Publication Date
Publisher Lippincott Williams and Wilkins
Absorb the vital principles, interventions, and strategies of family-centered pediatric care, with the newly updated Pediatric Nursing Procedures, Fourth edition. Emphasizing interdisciplinary teamwork, this irreplaceable how-to offers clear direction on more than 120 pediatric procedures, all based on current research and international best practices. All procedures address community care settings, with a focus on school and home nursing issues. This is the perfect clinical guidebook for nurses delivering care to children in any health care setting, and a vital text for all nursing students. This step-by-step guide covers a broad range of pediatric procedures . . . - NEW updated content in all chapters, based on current clinical evidence, best practices, and nursing standards - NEW chapters on pediatric health assessment; intravascular therapy peripheral lock and flush; and palliative care - NEW Unexpected Situations scenarios and recommendations - NEW photos and diagrams - Coverage of vital topics, including: o Key elements of family-centered care and the strategies that strengthen it o Impact of developmental milestones on patient and family education o A clear-cut, detailed how-to on common procedures, such as: - Medication administration - Blood drawing - Cardiopulmonary resuscitation - Child abuse reporting and documentation - Care of the newborn - Fluid and nutritional interventions - Pharmacologic interventions - Pain management - Hemodynamic monitoring - Immunizations - Parenteral nutrition and IV fat emulsion infusion - Handling equipment - Wound care, and more - Chapter features include: o Clinical Guidelines for performing each procedure safely o Equipment List for each procedure o Child and Family Assessment and Preparation guide to pre-procedure assessment o Procedure section C The complete how-to, with evidence-based rationales o Child and Family Evaluation and Documentation section - How, when, and where documentation is required o Community Care section C Directions for child or caregiver to perform the procedure at home, school, and other settings o Unexpected Situations C What to do when the unexpected happens before, during, or after the procedure o KidKare icon C Psychosocial aspects of pediatric care o caREminder feature C Important practice tips for each procedure o ALERT feature C High-risk issues that can occur during the procedure

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