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Personality and Personal Growth: International Edition

Personality and Personal Growth: International Edition

ISBN 9780131293809
Edition 6 ed
Publication Date
Publisher Pearson Education (us)
For upper-level courses in Personality Theory and Personal Adjustment. With a newly revised, streamlined organization and a Companion Website, the Sixth Edition maintains its crosscultural, global, and gender-balanced perspectives while emphasizing humanistic and transpersonal psychologists in its exploration of the positive aspects of major personality theorists, stressing each one's relevance for personal understanding. Highly praised for its exceptionally well-written style and accessibility, this text encourages and supports students in using themselves as the primary touchstone for each theory. Each chapter gives students opportunities to validate their insights through direct experience, and, by observing their own reactions, come to their own conclusions about the utility and value of each theory. Material on feminist contributions to personality theory Material on developments in transpersonal psychology Full biographies and relevant quotes that discuss the lives of theorists in detail, and relate them to their theories; long and short quotes from each theorist are interspersed throughout the text and in marginal sideheads Companion website at www.prenhall. com/frager that includes a host of supplementary material for students and teachers on each chapter in the text as well as web-specific chapters on the Post-Freudians, Reich and somatic psychology, the kabbalah, shamanism, and existential psychology An expanded chapter on cognitive psychology, including the work of Albert Bandura New material added to the chapter on feminist contributions to personality theory A stronger emphasis in the three chapters on Eastern psychology that utilizes the contribution of Western psychologists who have worked in these traditions New material on developments in transpersonal psychology. Major revision to the chapter on Cart Rogers and the Person-Centered Perspective that aligns the chapter's basic concepts with Rogers' growing influence Now includes the work of Anna Freud and the defense mechanisms

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