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Pharmaceutical Analysis E-Book

Pharmaceutical Analysis E-Book

ISBN 9780702051296
Edition 3
Publication Date
Publisher Elsevier Health Sciences
An introductory text, written with the needs of the student in mind, which explains all the most important techniques used in the analysis of pharmaceuticals - a key procedure in ensuring the quality of drugs . The text is enhanced throughout with keypoints and self-assessment boxes, to aid student learning.


Includes worked calculations to demonstrate mathematics in use for pharmaceutical analysis.

Focuses on key points rather than a large number of facts to help readers really understand the field as well as pass exams.

Includes self-assessment, focussing on simple arithmetical calculation results from analytical data. Additional section on basic calculations in pharmaceutical analysisMore detail on the capillary electrophoresis of proteinsA discussion of some of the new types of HPLC column and on solvent selectivity in HPLCAdditional material inserted on the control of the quality of analytical methods, mass spectrometry and high pressure liquid chromatographyAdditional self-assessment exercises


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