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Philosophy's Literature 9781903083093

ISBN : 9781903083093
Publisher : Clinamen Press Ltd
Author(s) :
Overview This work takes up and elaborates the themes set out in Benjamin's previous book "The Plural Event". While in "The Plural Event" Benjamin formulated a reworking of the idea of ontology through an investigation of crucial writings on the topic by Heidegger, Hegel et al, this book aplpies the insights gleaned in a systematic way to the fields of literature, philosophy and psychoanalysis. Adopting a "thinking with" rather than a critically distanced approach, Benjamin works through the cultural possibilities of the "event as difference" with respect to each discipline. In the process, he engages with the work of a broad diversity of thinkers, including Laplanche and Freud, Holderlin and Celan, Aristotle and Quintillian.

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