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Physicochemical Basis of Pharmaceuticals

Physicochemical Basis of Pharmaceuticals

ISBN 9780199232840
Publisher Oxford University Press
Publication Date
What are the physical and chemical properties that determine how a drug interacts with the body? What determines which dosage form is best, if it will reach its intended target, and how it will be metabolised once it has entered the body? The Physicochemical Basis of Pharmaceuticals explores the phenomena which affect the formulation and bio-availability of drug substances to give a straightforward, accessible treatment of the essential concepts affecting the absorption and distribution of drugs. It provides the reader with the conceptual 'tool-kit' necessary to understand the physicochemical aspects of drug design and action, and shows how these concepts apply in practice. The book introduces key underlying physical chemistry principles before exploring pharmaceutical solutions, the pharmaceutical solid phase, solid - liquid dispersal systems, biological interfaces, absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion, to give a complete view of the field. Focusing at all times on the essential principles and concepts, The Physicochemical Basis of Pharmaceuticals avoids excessive detail, presenting the key facts, backed up with pertinent examples and easy-to-digest illustrations, making it the ideal primer for those who need to understand physicochemical issues in the context of their broader field of study. Online Resource Centre For registered adopters of the text: * Figures from the book in electronic format, ready to download For students: * A hyperlinked bibliography of references given in the text.

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