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Physics for the Life Sciences

Course Codes : PHYC10006, PHYC10007

Physics for the Life Sciences

ISBN 9780176558697
Edition 3rd
Publication Date
Publisher Cengage Learning
Physics for the Life Sciences, Third Edition, brings the beauty of physics to life. Physics represents an enormous body of knowledge and methodology, and almost all of it has a huge impact on understanding the life sciences. Physics for the Life Sciences provides a comprehensive synopsis of the vast subject matter and delivers it in a way that is relevant to students' interests and career aspirations and that encourages retaining acquired knowledge. Taking an algebra-based approach to the selective use of calculus, the third edition provides a concise approach to basic physics concepts using an engaging layout, a consistent and student-tested art program, extensive use of conceptual examples, analytical problems, and instructive and engaging case studies. Breathe life into your Introductory Physics course with Physics for the Life Sciences.

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