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Plato for Everyone

Plato for Everyone

ISBN 9781616146542
Edition 1st
Publication Date
Publisher Prometheus Books
Five of Plato's most famous dialogues rewritten as accessible and entertaining short stories with a modern setting. How do we decide what is good and bad? What is virtue? What constitutes a meaningful life? These are some of the intractable, still-relevant questions that the ancient Greek philosopher Plato grappled with 2,500 years ago. Unfortunately, Plato's dialogues, featuring his famous mentor Socrates, often prove too difficult to understand for many contemporary readers. "Plato for Everyone" remedies this problem by recasting five of Plato's dialogues into accessible and entertaining short stories in modern settings. Author Aviezer Tucker, who has taught philosophy for many years, captures the tone, wit, and philosophical essence of Plato's dialogues in a modern English translation that both enlightening and enjoyable to read.

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