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PP0812 - Property Valuation and Investment

Course Codes : REDE2201

PP0812 - Property Valuation and Investment

ISBN 9780170233255
Edition New ed
Publication Date
Publisher Cengage Learning Australia
Property Valuation and Investment introduces different perspectives on real estate and outlines the principles techniques for urban analysis, property valuation and investment. Most chapters are accompanied by review questions, also included in a comprehensive question bank at the end of the book. Property Valuation and Investment seeks to inform diverse property stakeholders and help foster a broad understanding of fragmented and evolving housing markets. Specifically, its learning objectives are to: o Reflect critically on urban property from multiple sociocultural, environmental and financial perspectives o Understand and critically apply property technical knowledge and terminology such as 'market price', 'value', 'land' and 'improvement' o Ascertain capital market conditions and stage in property cycle o Analyse space markets in different property sub-markets using relevant, reliable and timely evidence from diverse sources o Understand limits imposed by complexity, turbulence and information asymmetry o Appreciate the role and duty of valuers, ethical and profession standards o Conduct competent residential valuation using appropriate comparisons o Write a professional valuation report which is logically structured, presents coherent evidence and articulates any significant issues o Formulate a property investment strategy, having regard to conditions and risk appetite o Value property or conduct a project financial feasibility analysis by applying suitable income techniques o Calculate an appropriate yield or discount rate which reflects risks and opportunity costs

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