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Practical Legal English

Practical Legal English

ISBN 9789054546467
Publication Date
Publisher Boom Juridische Uitgevers
This book provides a concise guide to legal English for students or practitioners coming to this for the first time, or whose first language is not English. It provides practical assistance for students in using English legal terminology, an essential skill as English increasingly becomes the international language of legal transaction. Chapters cover legal terminology relating to the key areas of legal system, civil procedure, tort, contract and company law, and provide guidance on the essential common law context (the UK, USA, Australia and elsewhere) from which this terminology emerged and needs to be understood. Each chapter has a terminology in context section, a vocabulary, a case discussion and knowledge questions. The book provides a simplified, lower level and more concise version of "English Legal Terminology: Legal Concepts in Language" by Helen Gubby (ISBN 9054544996), published by BJu, also distributed by Willan Publishing in 2005.

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