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Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy

Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy

ISBN 9781582558516
Edition 2
Publication Date
Publisher Lippincott
This book is designed as a comprehensive guide to perinatal massage, including the benefits of massage during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum; the anatomical and physiologic changes that occur in each of these phases; how to support special-needs pregnancies with massage; and techniques and guidelines gleaned from the author's research, as well as her 30 years as a maternity massage practitioner and teacher. In addition to client-centered instruction, this book contains two chapters focusing on success of the maternity massage therapist in the marketplace, which include the voices of many longtime therapists. Included with the book is access to a unique series of video clips featuring the author demonstrating techniques from the book as well as other essential concepts. Readers also have access to a wide range of professional and medical resources that the author has compiled specifically to support readers of this text.

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