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Preventive Stress Management in Organizations

Preventive Stress Management in Organizations

ISBN 9781433811852
Edition 2 Rev ed
Publisher Magination Press, (American Psychological Association)
Publication Date
Preventive Stress Management in Organizations, Second Edition offers a comprehensive framework for creating healthy workplaces. It begins by presenting the transactional relationship between individual and organisational stress. Each individual brings a peculiar pattern of responding to inevitable and necessary demands of work, and many experience psychological, behavioural, and medical forms of stress because of factors related to their work. Individuals and organisations can implement practices to reverse unhealthy stress (distress) and promote eustress, which stimulates growth and vitality. Chapters examine individual and organisational sources of stress and their consequences; methods and instruments for diagnosing organisational and individual stress; ways to redesign work and improve professional relationships; and methods for managing demands and stressors. New findings from positive psychology are woven in. Methods designed to proactively enhance health and performance at work while averting the costs and discomfort of distress are explored and illustrated by examples drawn from healthy organisations. Preventive stress management is a philosophy and set of principles grounded in public health, which organisational leaders and consultants can use to help their organisation operate to its fullest potential. The approaches outlined in this book may be implemented by leaders in any organisation.

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