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Principles of Administrative Law

ISBN 9780195576092
Edition 2
Publication Date
Publisher OUP Australia and New Zealand
This book provides a clear and concise account of the main principles of administrative law. More than that, it sets those principles in historical, comparative and constitutional perspective. Principles of Administrative Law guides the reader through the complexities of the current law and provides an account of how it developed and where it might go in the years to come. This book tells not only what administrative law is but also what it is about. It explains as well as informs.Unlike a traditional textbook, Principles of Administrative Law offers an uncluttered statement of the essentials of the subject. It uses this statement of the basics as the foundation for an exploration of the law’s origins and conceptual foundations and of its institutional and constitutional context. In addition, it covers various important topics not found in other administrative law books for students. It is a significant addition to the literature on Australian administrative law, and meets a real need for a short book that is both broad and deep in its treatment of this increasingly topical area of law.New to this edition: Improved integration of the text and materials, and better navigation in the casebook Judicial review material has been revisited – with and every effort is being made to ensure this is explained more clearly to students Expanded treatment of Freedom of Information to reflect legislative changes since the first edition was published

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