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Probability and Statistical Inference: International Edition

Probability and Statistical Inference: International Edition

ISBN 9780131293823
Edition 7 ed
Publication Date
Publisher Pearson Education (us)
This applied introduction to the mathematics of probability and statistics e mphasizes the existence of variation in almost every process, and how the study of probability and statistics helps us understand this variability. Designed for students with a background in calculus, it reinforces basic mathematical concepts with numerous real-world examples and applications to illustrate the relevance of key concepts. New chapter on Bayesian estimation - Includes expanded coverage of Bayesian estimation in the text's section on statistical inference. Integration of computer-based data and applications - Features increased use of data and the computer for calculating probabilities, analyzing data, solving problems, and conducting simulations. Application-oriented content - Features more than 100 new real-world scenarios as exercises and examples, with applications in the areas of biology, economics, health, sociology, and sports. Updated material throughout - Offers a brief history of probability in the chapter on normal distribution. Accompanying CD-ROM - Contains data sets for all examples and exercises in multiple formats accessible to Minitab, Maple, and other program users. Balanced coverage of probability and statistics - Includes five chapters which focus on probability and probability distributions, including discrete data, order statistics, multivariate distributions, and normal distribution. The text's second half emphasizes statistics and statistical inference, including estimation, Bayesian estimation, tests of statistical hypotheses, and methods for quality improvement. Solid organization - Presents information in a logical, easy-to-grasp sequence, incorporating the latest trends and scholarship in the field of probability and statistical inference. Student-friendly approach - Reinforces basic mathematical concepts, while not requiring extensive knowledge of math beyond calculus.

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