Programming and Assessment for Quality Teaching and Learning

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Programming and Assessment for Quality Teaching and Learning

Course Codes : EMT445, EDCN814, EDUC3052, EDUC3245, EDUC4245
ISBN : 9780170122474
Publisher : Social Science Press
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Edition : 1st
Overview Programming and Assessment for Quality Teaching and Learning is written for teachers and trainers in all instructional settings in Australia. It is particularly useful for teacher-education students who are taking a first course in assessment, and also provides a sound foundation for post-graduate students. The model of pedagogical practice referred to as Quality Teaching is used as a framework for this book. This approach to teaching was developed from the Productive Pedagogy model, which in turn has its roots in the Authentic Pedagogy movement. This book demonstrates how research-based principles of effective teaching (of which the Quality Teaching model is just one example) can be used as a strong foundation for developing learning programs and assessment practices that emphasise quality teaching and learning. This is not a recipe book for writing particular types of questions, but rather emphasises the importance of teachers understanding the principles of learning and assessment. Teachers will discover how to use assessment to guide student learning rather than simply measure what has been learned. It challenges teachers to question traditional assessment practices and to develop new approaches that provide reliable evidence from which valid inferences can be drawn about the quality of students' learning.


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