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Aust Property Investment and Financing

Course Codes : PROP3002, REDE2201, 2211AFE

Aust Property Investment and Financing

ISBN 9780455224329
Edition 3rd
Publication Date
Publisher Thomson Reuters
Australian Property Investment and Financing is a unique and timely book providing thorough analysis of income-producing properties in Australia. It is an essential guide to the selection and pricing of properties and property securities, as well as describing how they are financed. The book investigates how property investment markets operate in Australia, whilst demonstrating techniques for analysis and outlining recent research into the returns from and risks of rented properties. Written for both students and practising professionals, the book combines descriptive materials, contemporary financial concepts and worked numerical examples presented in three parts: . Part 1 - concentrates on the evaluation of single properties, their loans and their taxation; . Part 2 - explains more about measures of return and methods of forecasting for cash flow analysis, as well as risk analysis for single properties and portfolios; . Part 3 - demonstrates how Australian property and mortgage-backed funds are established and financed, leading to methods of selecting and pricing these securities.   The specialised, Australian focus of this work, rooted in international real estate investment principles and research, analyses Australian conditions, practice and laws in the wake of the global credit crisis. Patrick Rowland draws on three decades of experience as an academic, researcher and consultant in Australian property investment markets. Rowland's previous work, Property Investment and Their Financing (1993 and 1997), has been thoroughly  reworked and fully updated to provide a much-needed and timely Australian authority on property investment. For both professionals who advise on property investments and students of property finance, Australian Property Investment and Financing is an essential resource.Click here for supplementary material

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