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Protecting Transportation

Protecting Transportation

ISBN 9780124079281
Publication Date
Publisher Elsevier Science

Protecting Transportation: Implementing Security Policies and Programs provides a thorough overview of transportation security in the United States, with a focus on policy. The book coversall major transportation modes and puts the American security system into perspective against other national and international systems. Author R. William Johnstone, a transportation security expert and member of the 9/11 Commission staff, discusses how the current transportation security system came to be and how it is performing.

Whether you are a current or aspiring transportation security professional, a policymaker, or an engaged citizen, Johnstone’s presentation equips you to understand today’s issues and debates on a problem that affects every member of the global community. Transportation security has evolved in the years since 9/11 from a relatively modest, sporadic undertaking into a multi-billion dollar enterprise employing tens of thousands. Protecting Transportation describes how that system is organized, funded, and implemented.

Fosters critical thinking by reviewing the development and evaluation of key transportation security programsClarifies security issues in the context of civil liberties, federal spending, and terrorist incidents in the United States and globallyConsiders the “inputs” of security policy, including laws, regulations, and programs; and the “outcomes,” such as enforcement, effectiveness metrics, and workforce morale

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