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Psychoanalysis and Feminism

Psychoanalysis and Feminism

ISBN 9780140279535
Edition 2 Rev ed
Publisher Penguin Books Ltd
This text reassesses Freudian psychoanalysis in an attempt to develop an understanding of the psychology of femininity and the ideological oppression of women. Analyzing sexuality, femininity and the family as they are treated in the works of Freud, Estch and Laing, the author demonstrates that Freud's theories have much to offer women in the understanding of their sexuality, and compares him to Estch and Laing whose contributions to the feminist cause, in her opinion, are less radical and more ephemeral. To support her case she discusses some interpretations of Freud's work and shows how the misunderstanding of his concept of the unconscious mind has led to misinterpretation of his theories.

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