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Psychology and Work Today: An Introduction to Industrial and Organizational Psychology: United States Edition

Psychology and Work Today: An Introduction to Industrial and Organizational Psychology: United States Edition

ISBN 9780130341310
Edition 8 ed
Publication Date
Publisher Prentice-Hall
For undergraduate-level courses in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Business Psychology, Personnel Psychology and Applied Psychology. An invaluable preparation guide for entering todays business and industrial world, this informative, sophisticated and entertaining text teaches students about the nature of work in modern society. Focusing on the practical and applied rather than the scientific ideal, the guide shows students how industrial-organizational psychology will directly influence their lives as job applicants, trainees, employees, managers, and consumers.* NEW-"Online!" feature added. * Provides students with web-based resources relating to current job issues and problems. * NEW-Revised and reorganized to reflect changes in the workplace-Ethnic diversity, changing economic conditions, latest management techniques and effects of technology. * Provides students with an up-to-date, realistic representation of the growing changes in the workplace. * NEW-Online technology-As used for recruiting, interviewing, testing, training, opinion polling, performance monitoring and research. * Brings students up to date on the most effective means for performing personnel and I-O functions. * NEW-Virtual reality-Virtual workplaces, research laboratories, meetings and self-managing work teams. * Familiarizes students with current trends in the field. * NEW-Cutting-edge topics-Internet addiction and social isolation, failures of fair employment legislation, discrimination based on genetic testing, ethnic harassment, executive coaching, organizational justice, occupational health, and safety. * Provides students with the latest research and theories on important topics. * NEW-Newsbreak feature expanded-Addressing hot topics including casual dress codes, workplace violence, power napping, and rating ones boss anonymously. * Offers students informal discussions of real-world job issues. * NEW-Key topics coverage expanded-Big Five personality factors, electronic performance monitoring, 360 degree feedback, women in management, gender and sexual harassment, and telecommuting. * Expands students knowledge of all aspects of controversial topics. * Major theories, models, research techniques and findings-Within the framework of actual work situations and job-related problems. * Helps students develop an understanding of the aims and goals of the field. * Practical and applied issues. * Provides students with research conducted on actual employees rather than student simulations. * I-O programs in action-Highlighting the cultural differences among diverse groups of employees. * Shows students how programs are developed and implemented in a variety of organizations. * "Case in Point" sections. * Familiarizes students with on-the-job research programs that illustrate specific chapter topics. * "Think About It" questions. * Challenges students to apply material from the chapter to analyze and evaluate the cases. * Pedagogical aids-Outlines, summaries, annotated reading lists and margin glossary terms. * Provides students with study aids that focus their attention on key points and enables them to pursue topics of interest.

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