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Psychology for South Australia Stage 2: Stage 2

Psychology for South Australia Stage 2: Stage 2

ISBN 9780731403387
Publication Date
Publisher Jacaranda Wiley, Australia
Psychology for South Australia Stage 2 along with Psychology for South Australia Stage 1 offers students and teachers a comprehensive approach to this course for South Australian senior students. Written by a practising Stage 2 teacher and a practising psychologist, Psychology for South Australia: Stage 2 covers all the requirements of the Stage 2 curriculum statement. Features * Stunning, full-colour design * Covers the six specified topics from the curriculum statement for Stage 2 * Each topic addresses the four key aspects centrally important to the study of psychology: knowledge and understanding; application to social issues and/or personal growth; investigation designs and methods of assessing psychological responses and ethical issues * Topics are covered from a scientific perspective and examples of a broad range of empirical research methods are exemplified * Balanced coverage of the four levels of explanation of psychology across the prescribed topics * Each chapter is rich in tired and proven learning activities developed through experience in teaching psychology in the secondary school classroom * The broad range of learning activities enhances students' understanding of key concepts in an enjoyable and fun way * Psychological concepts addresses in the text are applied to everyday life experiences relevant to students' lives * Range of assessment tasks, multiple choice, short and extended answer questions for each chapter * A comprehensive glossary, bibliography and index.

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